Your Benefits:

  • Captive customer demand
  • Expand your audience beyond traditional channels
  • Expose your brand without the cost of advertising and marketing
  • Flexibility of product availability (You are not locked into specific products.)
  • Ability to simplify inventory
  • No upfront or residual costs
  • Partnering with an industry leader
  • Revolutionary concept
  • High repeat sales rate
  • Convert inventory to capital quickly in a controlled exposure environment
  • Jumpstart your direct-to-consumer program and email list
  • Create an opportunity with each product delivery to include further ROI through
    marketing materials, catalogs, and offers for your brand.

We’ll Put Your Brand on Center Stage. So You Can Shine.

When ZenCausTM set out to revolutionize the fundraising industry, offering unique and leading brands to the consumer was an essential part of the plan.

Introducing ShineSpot by ZenCaus, a unique online cause-oriented shopping experience where a bright light is centered on your brand — without the burden of a hefty marketing campaign. Here, your brand will have an exclusive opportunity to reach untapped national customers, elevate and raise your brand awareness and lower supply chain costs — all while contributing to a good cause.

The experience for the fundraising group, the buyer and the product promote a positive outcome, creating a lasting relationship that fosters growth and positive outcome.

Break Into Untapped Markets. So You Can Shine.

ZenCaus offers featured brands unique positioning and the opportunity to expand your audience beyond traditional channels through our exclusive online fundraising shopping site. Customer loyalty is built-in, supply chain costs are cut, and building outbound client lists is rapid fire.

Profitable? Yes. Innovative? Definitely. Interesting? You betcha.

An Untapped Market.

Product–Based Fundraising (PBF) is a $3.2 Billion sales channel
— Over 200,000 Schools and Non-Profit Organizations require PFBs to generate $1.4 Billion for operational budgets.1
— Almost 6,000,000 individuals participate in PBFs every year.
— 89% of parents with children in school made at least one fundraising purchase.
— 72% of non-parents made at least one fundraising purchase.

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